Friday, March 4, 2011

Caught ya!

Someone got into my camera. Can you guess who?

For Shawn

We got horrible news that Shawn has leukemia. We feel helpless clear across the country!! To show our support the boys all shaved their heads. Kenley and I offered - luckily Shawn told us to keep our hair. Not so sure we could pull it off Kenners!!!

WE LOVE YOU SHAWN!!!!!!!!!!!

Snow days

School was cancelled, of course. They had a great time and the best part is the hot chocolate when they are done!!!

New Year's Eve

We sure know how to party!! The kids love to dance - so dance we did. We called it our dance a thon and boy do they have some cool moves!!! I was laughing my head off. Apparently it is a must to take off your shirt when bustin' some moves.

DC Temple

We made it down to the temple to see the lights, even if it was after Christmas. We had a great time. It was beautiful, but nothing tops Salt Lake!!!!!


We had a fantastic day!!!! The kids are at such a cute age! I will never forget how excited and appreciative they were this year. I had to work that evening so that was a major bummer!! All in all I would say it was a raging success!! They played with their new leapsters all day long and they only stopped to pee or eat!!!!!

Christmas Eve

Traditional Christmas Eve picnic and jammies!! It never gets old, even after 30 years!! I love it!! Can't wait until we can join the rest of the crew in Utah!!!!!